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VISION Real Estate is a boutique real estate investment and asset management firm focused on investments within the United States and Europe.
Through various partnerships and affiliated companies, VISION has acquired more than 20,000 residential units and over 750,000 square feet (70,000 sqm) of commercial spaces across the US and Europe.
Specializing in identifying, developing and executing investment strategies, Vision aligns its interests to those of its investment associates, solidifying a position as a valued partner in its numerous Joint Ventures.
Vision and its executives are renowned for the swiftness, flexibility, creativity and certainty of execution associated with their performance.

Operating Companies

VISION, alongside its affiliates and Shareholders, co-founded and partnered with several Real Estate Investment companies around the world. Examples of such include:

ZOIA Real Estate

Real Estate

One of the largest investment and asset management groups in Athens, Greece, with over 45 buildings and $200M in asset under management, Zoia Real Estate ( was co-founded by Amir Yerushalmi in 2017.

GAIA Real Estate

Real Estate

Co–founded in 2008 by Amir Yerushalmi, Gaia Real Estate ( was then merged with Vision Property Management Group (a proprietorship of the Vision RE Group).
Subsequent to serving as Managing Partner for a near 10-year span, and the establishment of a $3B portfolio in assets and 20,000 apartments under management, Amir sold the interest in Gaia thereby realizing significant gains.

Vision India

Vision India

Co-founded by Amir Yerushalmi in 2007, Vision India is a real estate development company in Chennai, India that has developed several projects, including a turn key logistic center and a 680 apartment project spread over six acers on the OMR (


Eatos Group

Co–founded by Amir Yerushalmi Eatos Group is a real estate private equity investment firm headquartered in London focus on investments throughout the UK with an interest in London real estate.
Eatos uses its extensive experience in managing and acquiring real estate to implement its own long term strategic goals throughout its portfolio.

Excem RE Situr

Excem RE Situr

Amir Yerushalmi took active share in the establishment of Excem RE Situr (, a real estate investment company based in Madrid, that acquires buildings with intent to refurbish and lease them to an affiliated Hostel operator.

The company has partnered with KKR (a leading global investment company), and plan to invest €350m (with an initial equity contribution of €125m) to acquire 20 new properties with up to 8,000 beds in cities all across western Europe.
Excem RE Situr currently owns five hostels in Madrid, Lisbon and in Porto.

Operating Companies

Active Real Estate Portfolio

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