VISION and its affiliates have invested and serve
as advisors in several early stage startup Proptech companies


Carson provides remote doorman services and app for residents of unstaffed residential buildings.

Carson enhances residents' living experience, and streamlines operations and communications for property management.


Skyline AI is an artificial intelligence investment manager for commercial real estate, partnered with top commercial real estate players to establish investment vehicles augmented by AI.


SeeCares empowers real estate lenders, borrowers and stakeholders to increase profitability by streamlining the transaction process. By harnessing AI and advanced automation, the company offers a full infrastructure for underwriting and supporting deal flow based on users’ preferred data and assumption model.


A Technology based platform predicting precise final renovation costs as a tool for contractors and clients renovating their home.

Flex offers a smart storage solution on demand using proprietary technology and logistic innovations.

usa-mortgages | VISION VENTURES

USA Mortgages is a tech powered real estate niche lender. It aims to become the market leading lender for foreign investors buying properties in the US - a huge and underserved market segment.


A NYC-based startup aiming to build an A.I. personal assistant for both renters and buyers to make well informed decisions regarding their Real Estate needs.


Prosperty is the first tech hybrid real estate agent in Central & SE Europe, that digitally facilitates the selling and renting of real estate.  

Prosperty leverages digitization, automation and proprietary verified data to empower property owners, buyers and tenants to transact in a transparent, timely and convenient end-to-end journey.


A real estate investment search engine that enables real estate companies and funds to search, discover & evaluate worldwide market opportunities.


SparX provides a tool that optimize marketing and sales efforts by turning any empty apartment into a personalized model unit while touring on-premise, using cutting-edge Augmented Reality and AI technologies


CI is a Smart City Social Services management solution. Its solution enables municipalities to plan, manage and optimize their offered social services to increase the ROI and empower their residents to reach the social goals.